The Coping Course

The Coping Course is an eight-week program led by Dr. Richard Brown that teaches skills from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). These skills in relaxation, increasing pleasant activities, constructive thinking and assertiveness can help people improve their mood and live more fulfilling lives.

The course was developed at The University of Oregon by Dr. Brown and Dr. Peter Lewinsohn and has been demonstrated in multiple studies to be an effective treatment for depression.

Kick Ash

Kick Ash is designed to address the underlying causes of smoking addiction and help the 40% of smokers with elevated depressive symptoms achieve a healthier lifestyle. Our mobile application incorporates behavioral activation (BA), a clinically-validated treatment for depression, to help smokers set and achieve weekly goals for activating and achieving increased behavior.
Coming Soon


Quitting smoking can be a long and stressful journey and positive mood has been shown to predict successful smoking cessation. pQuit will incorporate exercises from Positive Psychology Therapy (PPT) to help smokers tap into feelings of gratitude and positive emotions. Enhanced positive emotions and mood while quitting smoking, can help smokers gain self-confidence and buffer the stress involved in quitting smoking.